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Church Giving

Disciples have heard the call of the Lord echo deep in their hearts. They know that the call is undeserved and is a total gift. The conversion experience on the part of a disciple remakes them to see everything as gift from a loving God. One of the greatest gifts we have, as Catholic disciples, is the Eucharist. Coupling our Disciple Call with the celebration of the Eucharist reaffirms our need to see all that we have as gift. Our response as Disciples who hear the call is to model ourselves after what the Eucharist itself means, Thanksgiving. When we talk about Stewardship in our Church we mean our call to be grateful disciples. 

Have we recognized on a deep level how God has blest us abundantly? We have been given life, the most precious first gift. We have been given time, each minute of each day of each year to be thankful for our life, our families, our community, our parish and schools, our land and our country. This gratitude ought to translate into an equally abundant response. This is Stewardship or Grateful Discipleship: receiving gratefully and sharing generously of our time, talent and treasure.

Would you like to share your time or talent with our Parishes?

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