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St. Rose School Prayer

Dear Lord and Good Teacher,

We thank you for the blessings you have bestowed upon our school, our school families and students, and our staff throughout the history of St. Rose parish. We thank you for the gifted educators who have graced our halls and we praise you for providing our parish with the means to support a school that imparts faith and values to our students.

We humbly ask you to continue to bless us. Help us to continue to provide quality education to our students, that has its foundation with You. Help us to continue to financially provide for the needs of our school and our parish. Help us as a parish to band together, to work and strive together, for St. Rose School. We ask your blessings on our school students, families, teachers, volunteers, boosters and administrators. Give us courage to stand up for our school and help us to continue our important mission in Catholic education for decades to come.

We offer these prayers up to You. Amen.

St. Rose of Lima, Pray for our School.

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