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Fact Sheet

Serving God  – Serving our Parish – Serving our World

Founded by the dedicated parishioners of St. Rose of Lima Parish in 1911


  • Preschool and Grades 1-8
  • Nebraska Licensed and Approved

Educational Standards

  • State of Nebraska
  • Archdiocese of Omaha, including Religion Standards

Student to Teacher Ratio 12 to 1 (State Average is 14 to 1)

Tuition is rated among the lowest of any parochial school in Nebraska.

Tuition Assistance Programs

  • Families who need additional assistance with tuition can discuss specialized payment plans with Mrs. Fiscus. The school has the ability to assist families in paying for tuition, but the family must contact the School Principal. We have never turned a student away because of an inability to pay. Register your student, and we’ll figure out the tuition plan that suits the family.

Children’s Scholarship Fund

  • (Administered by Archdiocese of Omaha, based on income level, apply by Apr. 15, forms available through school office) We have several families who have assistance from this program each year, so please apply.

School Scholarships

  • All of the school scholarships are offered by random drawing and range from $50 to $100. Scholarships awarded in May. For 2015-16 over $2900 in scholarships were awarded to twenty-three students.

Certified Teaching Staff

  • Nine full-time teachers/Full-time Principal.

St. Rose School is State of Nebraska approved and certified by the Archdiocese of Omaha. The school meets and exceeds all of the educational standards of the State of Nebraska, and also meets and exceeds the additional rigorous Religious standards required by the Archdiocese.

All of St. Rose School teachers maintain current teaching certificates for the State of Nebraska. All teachers at St. Rose have B.A. degrees in education, and specialized endorsements for their particular grade level or discipline. Several of our teachers also have completed advanced level courses toward Masters degrees in Education. Our teachers have visited and observed at neighboring schools, and each is evaluated each year by a professional outside evaluator, and they make strategic plans based on evaluations for future improvements and enhancements in the classroom.

All teachers have completed specialized additional educational courses. All teachers and volunteer staff have completed Archdiocese “Safe and Secure” program training. Our teachers have participated in numerous modern disciplinary programs like DWP, and education workshops and in-service and all have current certification in CPR and are instructed on defibrillator. In addition to teaching duties, St. Rose teachers typically are involved in coordinating student efforts at parish and school stewardship and volunteerism.

They also help individually with fundraising for the school and parish and are ambassadors for the school in the greater community. For our teachers, being an instructor at St. Rose School is more than just a job. They view it more of a “mission” in life and we appreciate their kind and heroic efforts on behalf of our students. It is with this spirit in mind that our faculty members begin each school day before our students arrive with their own prayer service as a teaching staff.

School ITBS Scores

  • Average past ten years in top 25 percent in U.S.

*Several subject areas rank in top 10 percent or higher in U.S.
*Tests given in the fall as per Archdiocesan requirements
**(Test scores are available from the school office upon request.)

Facilities and Technology

  • Our structures are well maintained by our outstanding and dedicated custodial staff. Our upper grade building received extensive renovation and refurbishing of classrooms and hallways in 2004-2006. Our lower grade building received new hall lighting in 2008. Our school includes a full-service library, a modern computer lab with new computers updated in 2015, and all new and updated individual computers in each classroom along with all with safe and monitored DSL Internet access; installation of new playground equipment in the fall of 2009; and prayer garden and reflective area in 2011; new  laptop computers for our teaching staff in 2015/16. Student lockers are available for the upper grade classes.Each classroom includes proper audio-visual equipment and materials necessary for high quality, personalized education of our students, but the classrooms also support a spirit of Catholic identity, fostering the spiritual atmosphere in which our students feel safe in practicing their faith.

School Goals (Visit the School and Student Pages at

High quality education that meets and exceeds Nebraska State Standards and those of the Archdiocese of Omaha. We do not “teach down” to standards, but believe in instruction that goes above and beyond requirements. Several CHS Valedictorians have been St. Rose School graduates. This has been the trend over the past two to three decades. Our students excel in high school and beyond, as honor students, in the classroom and on athletic fields.

Religious formation is a hallmark of our school with daily religion education in the classroom, as well as opportunities for planning and participating in Mass on Wednesdays and Fridays each week, Eucharistic Adoration, Reconciliation, weekly Rosary service on Fridays, prayer services each day, special Lenten and Advent services and projects, celebration of Holy Days and Saints  Feast Days and visits to local Catholic shrines.

Community service through mission projects, Operation Christmas Child, serving meals at the Yankton Area Banquet, helping with projects for the parish and community, providing concerts free to the community, visiting senior centers and nursing homes, providing Spiritual Bouquets for families in our parishes who have lost loved ones, offering cards to shut ins and those who are ill and much, much more.

Religious Education

  • Provided by Fr. Tim Podraza (weekly instruction), Daily instruction by Individual Classroom Teachers for the lower grades and Mrs. Ginger Schieffer, Grades 6-8. (following Archdiocese of Omaha standards)

School Health Program

  • Instructed by Registered Nurse, Linda Jackson (Includes nutrition and wellness education, with the Temple Builders program, aimed at the spiritual aspects of health.)

Computer Science and Technology

  • Instructed by Mrs. Jennifer Fiscus.

Star Trail

  • Regionally recognized one-mile concrete walking trail developed on the school campus to encourage students to keep fit by walking the trail during their recess periods. Mrs. Linda Jackson provides specialized instruction to students in health and hygiene.

Regular P.E.

  • Classes for grade levels 1-6 with Mrs. Donna Arens and Mrs. Beth Dather, grade levels 7 & 8 shared with Crofton Public Schools.

St. Rose Stars

  • Colors: Blue and White
  • Mascot: Stars 

Athletic Programs

  • Our students carry out a full schedule in all seasonal sports. St. Rose School hosts their own basketball tournament each February.
  • Girls Volleyball
  • Girls and Boys Basketball
  • Girls and Boys Track
  • Boys Football
  • Junior High Sports Program shared with Crofton Public Schools

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